Schönherr and Koy Declared Star Midwinters Winners

  The last day of the Star Midwinters that is being held on Biscayne Bay received weather conditions that were beautiful and calming. The medium breeze from the eastern side built roughly 13 knots the entire day. After the last two races, Markus Koy and Jørgen Schönherr retained the leading position which they have held on […]

Norm Cressy Quits Sailing after Seven Decades

More than 160 boats have lined up for this year’s NOOD regatta as part of the Marblehead Race Week. This race week will go on from 25th July and end on 28th July. The participants who are more familiar with the event will also be able to notice a major change in the line-up of the event […]

Sustainability And Sailing Go Hand In Hand

Every piece of plastic could not be removed from the sea, the task is big, and however, this we can ensure that no waste comes into the ocean during the Hempel Sailing World Championships (HSWC) which is going to held next year in Aarhus, Denmark. To achieve that goal, the World Perfect has built a […]

Spithill Ready To Take On Team New Zealand

There is no doubt one will get to witness one of the greatest final battles in the America’s Cup this season. Jimmy Spithill is heading the Oracle Team USA after about four years and he is looking to bring the America Cup home this season. In order to win the cup, he will have to […]

Australia Joins World Sailing App

There is good news for the Australian racers. The Australian sailing has joined the World Sailing app and this will benefit the Australian racers to a great extent. They can take advantage of the Australian Blue e-Book that is part of the World’s Sailing Racing Rules app to know the rules of their country. The […]

St Mary’s College Races

Not every college can boast of a waterfront area leave alone having a renowned sailing team. But that is what St. Mary’s college of Maryland is proud to possess. They have a waterfront area of their own as well as a sailing team that has national recognition. Other sports teams might be competing in Division […]