Sustainability And Sailing Go Hand In Hand

Every piece of plastic could not be removed from the sea, the task is big, and however, this we can ensure that no waste comes into the ocean during the Hempel Sailing World Championships (HSWC) which is going to held next year in Aarhus, Denmark.

To achieve that goal, the World Perfect has built a bag that makes it comfortable and easy to remove trash at sea. These bags were used during the test event in Aarhus in August and the reviews of the same were great.

The bag, which is also known as the waste separation is a prototype. As of now, the local organizing committee is seeking for a partner who also shares the same vision that is making the ocean free from plastic and many other types of waste, and could finance the project. Together, this would ascertain that the waste separation bags will be on board the 500-600 coach boats.

Those, who partners this event includes Sport Event Denmark (SED), Danish Sailing Association (DSA), the City of Aarhus and the Sailing Aarhus. And it is crucial for all the project partners that a large event will be done in a sustainable way.

Those who look for the partnership and want to become the potential sustainability partners can send an e-mail ID – The email ID belongs to Martin Vrist Christensen, who is also the Commercial Manager.

The member of the association who is taking care of the things are hopeful that they will get good number of partners to support this cause and make the ocean and fit for organizing the event.

Vrist Christensen on the other, hand, says, the event is of great importance and we are receiving many proposals from the different people. Soon we will get some good partners.