Australia Joins World Sailing App

There is good news for the Australian racers.

The Australian sailing has joined the World Sailing app and this will benefit the Australian racers to a great extent. They can take advantage of the Australian Blue e-Book that is part of the World’s Sailing Racing Rules app to know the rules of their country. The Australian Blue e-Book is now part of the World’s Sailing Racing Rules app.

The best outcome of the inclusion of the Australian Blue e-Book in the World Sailing app is that anyone looking to sail in the Australian waters can go through the rules mentioned in the app to compete in the Australian waters. They can now get instant access to the Australian sailing rules on their mobile phone or tablet through the app. There is no doubt that anyone into sailing will enjoy the World Sailing Racing Rules app and this will help them to turn into a better racing sailor.

There are loads and loads of information in this sailing app. This is a must have app for the phones or the tablets of every enthusiast sailor who loves to test the international waters. There are cross-reference rules and other important information carried out on this app that will improve the racing knowledge of every sailing enthusiast. The app also features plenty of historical case studies that will help in sailors learn the nuances of sailing in the international waters.

The World Sailing app has come to life due to the combined effort of the World Sailing and RYA. The RYA’s Head of Publications Steen Ingerslev said that he is very excited to have Australia join the app. This is very good news for any international racer as he will get to know the rules to test the Australian waters. Steen is hoping for more countries to join the app.