French Boat Is To Rescue The Indian Sailor

On Monday, a French ship is expected to rescue an Indian sailor. The sailor got injured in the remote southern Indian Ocean at the time of round-the-world solo yacht race. The fishing patrol boat Osiris has been heading 740 kilometers (460 miles) to Abhilash Tomy when his yacht Thuriya lost its mast in a storm on Friday, the naval security authority seafarer and rescuer Phil Gaden said.

The yacht is in Australia’s maritime and rescue zone 3,500 kilometers (2100 miles) southwest of the Australian city of Perth and 3,000 kilometers southeast of the French island of Reunion, said the street. The rescue could be treacherous because the yacht was badly damaged, and Tomy was injured, said the street.

“It will be a very difficult situation on board,” said the street journalists. “The yacht is seriously damaged by gear hanging over the side. We know he has been very seriously injured and we think he is very limited in his ability to maneuver. We also know that he is having difficulty keeping liquids down,” The street. The conditions were reasonably good for the area with a southwest wind blowing up 46 km / h and a 3 meter (10 foot) swell, said the street.

“It is one of the furthest areas on the planet, which is almost as far from any of the search and rescue facilities,” said the street. “At the moment, our indications are that it is upright and floating high in the water, but at least a wave can push one of the damaged masts into the ship and compromise its integrity,” he added. Tomy, a 39-year-old Indian naval officer, contacted rescue authorities via texts, but the batteries in his two devices run low, Gaden said.

The French crew plans to take Tomy to a French research facility on the Amsterdam island, 100 kilometers (60 miles) to the north.