Tardrew Will Take Part In Hobie Challenge

Bruce Tardrew is taking part in the Hobie Cats at the age of 71. He has participated in the event many times, but has not won any tournament here. Though, he has finished as runner-up in the event for seven times. According to Tardrew, his desire to win the championship has not finished yet. And, thus he is taking part in it.

In championship total 21 teams are participating and Tardrew’s age is double of the sailors with whom he is competing. In the 21 teams, five are from the Philippines and 6 are from outside.

Bruce Tardrew also known as “Tards” aged 71, know about his sailing skills. He is sailing from the age of 18 and thus he had acquired great sailing skills. In his lifetime, he has participated in a number of events from all over the world. And he has just not participated in the game, but event won it. At the age of approximately 61 he got the title of Hobie Cat. Though, he has won many matches in his lifetime, he holds a special place for the Philippine Hobie Challenge.

Speaking about the race, he said “This is one of the best races in the world and the Philippines are the best cruising grounds. The place is stunning and there are over 200 islands present in the nearby area.” Tardrew, says, “I have seen more than 200 islands here. The winds and people here are wonderful.”

Hobie Cats are catamaran, it has twin-hulled and it is a sailboat of fiberglass. The boat is very popular all over the world. In the tournament, some sailors will bring their personal equipments, but the Hobies of the 16 – foot will be there as the tournament is a single-class race. The small size Hobies can be sailed by one person and the team of two needs 16-footer Hobies. It is designed for two.