Windsor Talks About Pacific Water Pollution

Rob Windsor talks about a recent trip that he made to deliver a boat from Hawaii to San Francisco. The boat was the Swan 42 Elusive and it was skippered by him and Pat O Connor. The trip took those 14 days to cross about 2400 miles. It was a trip that took them on the Pacific which is usually a different route than what boats usually take on the Atlantic. He found the Pacific to be different from the Atlantic in many ways.

The first thing he noticed was that the water was cold, which is unlike the Atlantic and how it remained cloudy for most parts of the trip. The wet and cold weather conditions led to the crew wearing wet gear along with woolly caps as well – it couldn’t be any further from a week on a Dubrovnik Bareboat Yacht Charter.

The second difference that was noticed was the absence of wildlife that is usually abundant in the Atlantic waters. Usually there are sightings like whales and dolphins, but this time there was nothing on the Pacific route. The other aspect that he noticed and found disturbing was the abundance of trash even so far out from the ocean side populated areas.

He found trash, but no wildlife and that got him, wondering whether it was due to the piles of plastic wastes that were floating in the ocean waters. He stated that he found hundreds of plastic disposable detergent containers everyday of the 14 days he was on water. That got him thinking that it is time that we become alert and stop throwing debris in the waters. That is the minimum the world can do even if they cannot clear out the mess that has already been dumped in the ocean waters. This is definitely an appeal from a sailor who has seen the ocean waters and ecology soiled by pollution.