Windsor Talks About Pacific Water Pollution

Rob Windsor talks about a recent trip that he made to deliver a boat from Hawaii to San Francisco. The boat was the Swan 42 Elusive and it was skippered by him and Pat O Connor. The trip took those 14 days to cross about 2400 miles. It was a trip that took them on the Pacific which is usually a different route than what boats usually take on the Atlantic. He found the Pacific to be different from the Atlantic in many ways.

The first thing he noticed was that the water was cold, which is unlike the Atlantic and how it remained cloudy for most parts of the trip. The wet and cold weather conditions led to the crew wearing wet gear along with woolly caps as well – it couldn’t be any further from a week on a Dubrovnik Bareboat Yacht Charter. Continue reading “Windsor Talks About Pacific Water Pollution”

Pascoe Becomes Open World Champion

Among world sailing champions one name that features dominantly is Megan Pascoe. She has recently added gold to her number of titles achieved as she competed in the Open World Championship that was held at Bordeaux.

Indeed, France has been the hub of all activities this year, apart from a week when she was on working on some commercial work with Greece yacht charters. With the Euro cup happening and other competitions taking place at the same time, determining many fates of those who would get to appear in the Rio Olympics. Continue reading “Pascoe Becomes Open World Champion”

Australia rules Sailing World Cup Melbourne

St Kilda’s common foreshore and beach buzz on a summer Sunday became louder when Sailing World Cup Melbourne arrived at its peak. Eight Olympic classes flaked off their Medal Race one by one right off the main beach, St Kilda Baths and pier, much to the delight of sailors and visitors.

By the time, 49er skiff teams of men went hunting gold at 14:30, fifteen knots was the reading on the track. Event director Mark Turnbull took time to valuate the popularity of the final days’ events. He said that they have got huge crowds, plus the sailors are very happy, but importantly there are non-sailors everywhere; it is the general public getting close to the action that is brilliant and one of the reasons why they brought sailing for the sake of fans this year.

Antonio González de la Madrid Rodriguez, the World Sailing’s Technical Delegate, has agreed going out of St Kilda put the game front and centre. Today, they saw this with St Kilda beach packed and the pier bustling. Melbourne is the start of Sailing World Cup 2016 series and the journey to 2016 Rio Olympic Games is well and very much on.

The 2015 World Cup that attracted over nine-hundred contestants representing twenty-three countries across 9 invited, 9 Olympic as well as 3 Paralympic classes, was the Oceanic qualification game for Rio Olympic Games 2016. As of this week the Olympic campaign starts for Cook Islands sailors Taua Henry (Laser) and Teau McKenzie (Laser Radial) who for entry for Pacific island nation.